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My St. Croix Woods

Supporting woodland stewardship throughout the St. Croix Watershed.

The St. Croix watershed includes more than 2.75 million acres of forest. Keeping those forests healthy is essential to ensuring healthy rivers, streams, and lakes. Healthy woods and waters host wildlife, thriving communities and strong local economies.

Who We Are

Who We Are

My St. Croix Woods is a partnership program created by Wild Rivers Conservancy to serve Minnesota and Wisconsin woodland owners in the St. Croix River watershed. We aim to be a resource for landowners in the following ways:


  • Help woodland owners develop forest stewardship plans

  • Support woodland owners to achieve their management goals

  • Connect woodland owners to expert services, resources, and advice

  • Keep woodland owners up to date with news and opportunities

By helping landowners to develop stewardship plans and carry out management practices for their woodlands, we hope to ensure healthy forests that provide vital habitat for wildlife, resources for strong local economies, and protection for the locally, regionally, and nationally significant St. Croix River.

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What We Do



Providing a customized information packet about your woods.

Planning for your woodland means learning about your woodland. We provide tailored information from our resource library to help landowners learn about their woods and options for managing it. We also connect woodland owners with experts and peers for advice and guidance.


Hosting woodland ownership workshops and webinars.

We work to grow woodland communities of the St. Croix through education. From connecting landowners with one another to hosting training and workshops for both woodland owners and service providers, we aim to help grow strong, connected communities focused on the forests of the St. Croix watershed.


Helping you find the right options for your woods.

Planning for your woods is step one. Good forest management requires those plans to be put into action. We help landowners learn about responsible practices and connect them with trained experts to carry out projects and practices in their woods.


Woodland News & Updates

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