Meet a few of the many organizations and agencies that make our efforts possible

St. Croix River Association’s (SCRA) mission is to protect, restore, and celebrate the St. Croix River and its watershed.
SCRA hosts the My St. Croix Woods program and coordinates the partnership.  

Caring for the land and serving people.

The American Forest Foundation ensures the sustainability of America’s family forests for present and future generations in conjunction with our strategic partners.

MLEP provides assistance to Minnesota's logging community through educational programming. This objective is accomplished by partnering with numerous groups to identify needs and facilitating the development, design, delivery and evaluation of programs which focus on sustainable forest management, transportation, safety and business management. MLEP is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Cloquet, MN.

My Wisconsin Woods is a public, private partnership dedicated to serving woodland owners across Wisconsin.

My Lake Superior Northwoods helps landowners living in the Lake Superior Basin find the resources and technical assistance they need to care for land. Whether it’s creating wildlife habitat, managing your woodlands, or providing clean water and healthy streams, we want to help you care for your land.

This chapter of the Minnesota Forestry Association covers the Kettle River watershed, roughly encompassing Pine and Carlton counties.

The Minnesota Women’s Woodland Network (MNWWN) provides the opportunity to recognize and enhance the role of women in woodland management, whether they own land themselves, may inherit or purchase land in the future, or who may simply be interested in supporting this effort.

The National Wild Turkey Federation is dedicated to the conservation of the wild turkey and the preservation of our hunting heritage.  NWTF has set a goal of enhancing 4 million acres of habitat, creating 500,000 acres of hunting access, and recruiting 1.5 million hunters.  There are nearly 11,000 NWTF members involved in 85 local chapters across Minnesota. 

From the roots up we are grown from the philosophy of keeping our landscape free of unnatural disturbances .Through self-conscious footsteps it’s our goal that a LIGHT ON THE LAND philosophy can work to Preserve our Native Resources.

As our work and clientele spreads across many regions we have assisted private citizens along with agencies of all sizes from the dismantling of invasive species to conducting timber stand inventories and to urban watershed restoration- a new challenge is always welcome.

NRCS works with farmers, ranchers and forest landowners across the country to help them boost agricultural productivity and protect our natural resources through conservation.

Conserving Wisconsin’s natural legacy for everyone... forever.

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